What is Instant Hypnosis?

Instant hypnosis is simply achieving hypnosis in the matter of seconds as opposed to traditional hypnosis techniques that require much longer.

There are many instant hypnosis induction techniques that are unique to this form of hypnosis.

Many street and stage hypnotists use some instant hypnosis inductions also called rapid hypnosis induction or speed hypnosis. However most of these performances are not focused on helping and empowering the hypnotized subject. Rather they are meant to empower the stage or street hypnotist.

There are indeed many instant hypnosis techniques that will work virtually on anyone and without their consent. One of these is the Hypnotic Handcuffs Hypnosis technique.

Before you get started with Instant Hypnosis you should be aware that while getting someone into a hypnotic trance using instant hypnosis holds an extremely high success rate, this instant hypnosis power can be dangerous and this power should not be abused.

Why Should You Learn Instant Hypnosis?

You might be wondering why you should learn instant hypnosis. Well it depends on whether you want to have the ability to both help others and yourself and of course you might simply want to have some fun impressing your friends.

Whatever the reason, you will be happy to know that when you learn instant hypnosis you can expect a very high success rate. Instant hypnosis techniques are pretty simple and once you practice a little you will be able to confidently perform them on just about anyone you choose. Yes, you can learn how to hypnotize anyone!

Does Instant Hypnosis Work On Everyone?

Virtually everyone can enjoy the benefits of hypnosis. Usually those that say, I can’t be hypnotized are the best hypnosis subjects. There is a small group that cannot (or should not be hypnotized).

Who Cannot Be Hypnotized?

Although most people are easily hypnotized, there is a small group that cannot or should not be hypnotized. In any case, its really a very small group:

  • People with an IQ of under 80, who will not understand simple directions
  • People who are suffering from some mental illnesses such as dementia or schizophrenia
  • And people who are on drugs.
  • However, most people can in fact be hypnotized and instant hypnosis can be the fastest way to hypnotize someone and get instant results.

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    Instant Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders

    Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders and wakefulness.

    This lack of sleep can adversely affect your personal life, performance at work and your general health.

    You may have a sleep disorder if you have trouble falling asleep, are unable to sleep through the night, if you wake up feeling exhausted or need to take a nap to get through the day. Regular nightmares, bed wetting, sleep walking/talking can also be signs of a sleep disorder and should be taken seriously.

    There are many options available through medical professionals to help with a sleep disorder. There are both over-the-counter and prescription medications that can promote sleep.

    However, alternative treatments are available. One alternative therapy is hypnosis for sleep. Sleep hypnosis is a chemical-free, non-invasive technique that can aid in getting a better night’s sleep.

    Hypnosis is the oldest healing mechanism found in almost any culture. While the practice of instant hypnosis generally has its skeptics, sleep hypnosis has been practiced successfully in the United States since the early 1930s.

    The word “hypnosis” refers to an altered state of mind that promotes increased communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind in an effort to achieve a desired result. Hypnosis for sleep focuses on affecting the mind in such a way as to promote a better night’s sleep.

    During sleep hypnosis the subject reaches a trance-like state. In this state, the subconscious mind is susceptible to suggestions and imagery that can affect the thought processes and allow the subject to drift off to sleep. The subject is asked to visualize a peaceful setting while suggestions are made that will promote sleep and encourage awakening feeling rested, refreshed, and energetic.

    Through instant hypnosis for sleep subjects can also explore underlying emotional issues that may be the root cause of the sleep disorder.
    For instance, repressed memories can be encouraged to surface during sleep hypnosis. Once discovered, these memories can be resolved so that they no longer interfere with sleep.

    Hypnosis for sleep is an effective, non-medicinal, non-invasive technique for promoting better sleep and thereby improving both physical and mental well-being.


    Instant Hypnosis Can Cure: Ranidaphobia or in layman’s terms Fear of Frogs


    Instant Hypnosis: An Irrational Fear or Phobia Explained

    Instant Hypnosis Fear of Frogs Lisa finished lunch and ran out into the garden to join her grandfather. She loved exploring the garden. To a five year old it was huge and exciting. She sat on the edge of the wheelbarrow and watched her grandfather make hole after hole in the freshly turned earth and place two small seeds in each hole.

    As her grandfather plodded along she caught sight of something in the grass near her foot. She knew what it was instantly even though she had never seen a real frog. It was fascinating, beautiful even. ‘Grandpa look a frog’. Acknowledging the discovery grandpa replied, ‘oh he’s nice isn’t he, there are loads in this garden. He looks a little dry though. If you fill the can you can give him a drink’.

    Lisa picked up the watering can and headed for the potting shed. She put the can on the floor below the faucet and turned on the tap. As the can filled she took time to explore the shed. It was full of interesting old things she thought. The smell was a mix of oil, rotting compost, and paint.

    Her grandfather completely distracted with the planting hadn’t noticed Lisa go into the potting shed and assumed she had returned to the house. When he heard the postman coming up the drive he shut and latched the potting shed door left the garden and went around to the front of the house.

    Lisa froze, then tried the door. It wouldn’t budge, Lisa was trapped. The interesting smells now seemed threatening to a five year old. The odd shapes even the running water only added to the sense of doom.

    Meanwhile Lisa’s grandfather checked the mail box and took a pile of letters inside. ‘Where’s Lisa’, asked Grandma. ‘With you I thought’, replied Grandpa. Without hesitating he headed out the back door directly towards the potting shed and opened the door. A frantic teary eyed Lisa bolted to the house. Thankfully Grandma managed to calm her down before putting her to bed for the afternoon. To Lisa’s five year old mind the days events had come as a shock. There was a lot of new information to sift through and file away.

    As Lisa slept her subconscious continued to work through the days’ events. The subconscious mind is an interesting character. A guardian who looks out for you 24 hours a day even as you sleep sifting through every experience you have and filing it away in order to access it again in time of need. As she slept her subconscious made a bad call it filed away the experience of being confined in a dark potting shed for what seemed like an eternity to a child with the experience of seeing a real frog for the first time.

    Two months later when a classmate produced a frog puppet for show and tell she shrieked and tried to run out of the classroom. Her subconscious added ridicule to the frog file.

    As the years passed more and more negative experiences were incorrectly filed under frog. As she grew older she knew it was ridiculous to be terrified y something as apparently harmless as a frog. Despite knowing how irrational the fear was she could not consciously recall why she feared them, why she felt as if her life would end if she encountered one, why she couldn’t bring herself to watch something as innocuous as The Muppet Show for fear of confronting even a puppet frog.

    Thirty years on Lisa found herself turning down a promotion in Florida. Not because she disliked sunshine or more money but because she knew that the Everglades weren’t just home to alligators and poisonous snakes but because there was a good chance she would encounter the thing that made her blood run cold, a frog. Lisa had no idea why she was afraid but her subconscious certainly did. Frogs equal being locked in a confined space…being ridiculed… A decade later when she realized that her four year old son had somehow learned to fear frogs she knew it was time to take action.

    Lisa was suffering from ranidaphobia or in layman’s terms fear of frogs. Luckily Lisa’s neighbor knew somebody who could help. A lady she had visited herself in her struggle to quit smoking. When Lisa finally decided enough was enough she called the hypnotherapist.

    Hypnotherapy is an remarkably effective means of correcting filing errors made by the subconscious. You can easily use a hypnosis mp3 download for this. The hypnotherapist using a number of techniques aimed at occupying or distracting the conscious awake mind and reasoning directly withe subconscious was able to redirect Lisa’s understanding of frogs. Although she never really learned to love fogs she certainly could cope with the odd chance encounter.

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    Instant Hypnosis Techniques:

    How You can Use Pattern Interrupts to Overcome Resistance and Get Your Point Across

    Instant Hypnosis techniques Today we’re examining resistance, and how you can use pattern interrupts to counter resistance when you are dealing with somebody who for one reason or another simply won’t cooperate.

    In a moment I will reveal the two very typical types of resistance you may encounter and typical reactions you can expect when you apply instant hypnosis induction. Then we’ll look at how to tackle these types of resistance head on.  How to use the attitude itself as a lever to create change in the direction you want.

    Instant Hypnosis Techniques: Basic Types Of Resistance

    Resistance by Scrutiny

    This means the person is already analyzing what you are doing, looking for a flaw even before you open your mouth.  There is one in every crowd.  Scrutinizers are naturally suspicious and will latch onto even the smallest fault.

    The typical scrutineer will try to “figure out” what you are up to; looking for any clue that might give the game away. They are focused on uncovering the negative.

    There are several methods for effectively countering a scrutineers resistance. There are ways to utilize resistance with instant hypnosis

    Resistance by Distrust

    The next kind of resistance is distrust.  This character just doesn’t want to find anything positive about you.

    They identify something about you that they do not believe to be genuine or more importantly believe to be entirely untrue. Make no mistake; establishing trust is paramount to the success of any instant hypnosis induction or persuasive endeavor.

    Distrusting people question your motives, they question your facts. And bottom line – they are saying to you – I don’t believe anything you say and I don’t believe in you.

    Click to learn more about how to hypnotize with conversational hypnosis and how to overcome unreasonable resistance in others.

    Use Pattern Interrupts to Disrupt their Resistance

    Pattern Interrupts in Instant HypnosisThe use of pattern interrupts was first suggested by Erickson and later adapted and incorporated into Bandler’s NLP techniques.

    Think back to high school. Imagine being sent to the principal’s office for some slightly misguided prank or other.

    You drag your feet down the corridor, sweating, fearful that your parents will find out and you’ll begin to suffer the consequences that very day.

    You know your parents will flip out and you will probably be grounded and miss the glam rock revival concert that weekend with all your friends.

    When you reach the principal’s office you sit down and instead of a stern face you are greeted by an enormous smile.

    The principal begins to commend you for your out of bounds but remarkably entertaining antics…

    She introduces you to a reality TV show crew who has been invited to record your next endeavor.
    Patterns are what we expect to get from a certain situation. Breaking the pattern is like throwing the subconscious a curve ball. It can land you a surprising result that is totally unexpected.

    One of the ways of disrupting a person’s resistance is to use what as Milton Erickson called an embedded metaphor or Bandler calls nested loops.

    How Nested Loops Work

    You start by telling a story. And then you interrupt your story with a second story, interrupt the second story with a third and then a fourth, then slip in your suggestion and start closing the story loops one by one.

    Leaving Nested Loops Open Can be Powerful

    Instant hypnosis nested loops

    Subconsciously the person you are talking to is waiting for you to close all of the loops.  The trick is to do it in your own time.

    Breaking that pattern of expectation can lead to some powerful results.

    If you don’t close all the stories it can drive some people crazy. It can go as far as to distract and even produce amnesia in some people.

    This is very powerful stuff so it must be used responsibly.

    Instant Hypnosis Techniques: Creating Distance from Objections

    When you throw a curve ball to the subconscious, you disrupt a person’s resistance creating distance between them and their objections.

    The distance you create is the beginnings of being hypnotized.
    Any objections they may have had towards you are now being redirected towards a metaphor.

    Whatever level of upset and disbelief they may have had is frustrated and directed away from you towards your metaphor!

    Depersonalize your Message Use Permissive Language

    instant hypnosis depersonalize your messageAnother way to create distance and overcome resistance is to avoid speaking directly about them or a specific issue.

    Speak about the subject or the person as if you were both observers. This is disturbing in as much as it puts both of you on an apparently equal footing.  Speak in the third person. For example;

    ‘People should help one another’ as opposed to ‘you should help Bob’.
    ‘People should share information with others’ not ‘you should share information with me’

    By removing the person from the line of fire and forcing them to observe the situation from the outside on a similar footing to your own they have virtually no choice but to agree with you.

    Erickson used the term metaphor to refer to a subject or object which could be substituted for the actual subject in a hypnotic discussion.

    Many people mess this up by using a transparent “friend story”: This is not nearly cryptic enough to work as a metaphor in an Ericksonian sense. ‘My friend has a problem’. If the account you give is too familiar the metaphor will be exposed and you risk raising the resistance.

    This is where good selection and use of metaphors is important.
    In just about any case, a good metaphor, as prescribed in Ericksonian Hypnosis can help you overcome resistance!

    Click to learn more about how to hypnotize with conversational hypnosis and how to overcome unreasonable resistance in others.


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