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by Stephen on September 7, 2010

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Using the right combination of instant hypnosis induction techniques can sometimes dictate the success of rapid trance induction taking place or not.

Instant Hypnosis Induction – Using Confusion and Overload

The use of overload and confusion in a hypnosis induction techniques is not new. Mastering them is a different story.

Many powerful outcomes to incorporating a good measure of overload and confusion in your instant hypnosis Induction.

It’s no secret that confusion causes overload and overload causes confusion. There are ways to compose sentences, as part of your hypnosis scripts or free play, that bypass your subject’s  resistance by giving them a choice while confusing them into success.  For example you might say;

“You’ll either thrive and succeed or simply find yourself smoke free breaking through into a new chapter in your life.”

It seems like while they are hypnotized and you’re giving them that suggestion they have a choice, actually you are bypassing their resistance issues with hypnosis and yet you’re confusing them into success.

The reason why incorporating confusion into your instant hypnosis speed trance induction is great is because it’s a great way of dealing with the anxious or the resistant person to hypnosis or with a person who has never experienced hypnosis before.

By overloading the conscious mind the subject is almost begging to enter a hypnotic trance. They say the conscious mind can hold up to seven pieces of information at any given time. For example, when performing a traditional induction you could simply say

“with your eyes closed you’ll still feel the chair below you, you’ll feel the room temperature whether it’s hot or cold or just right, you may hear sounds of children outside, a dog barking, a telephone ringing, an alarm clock going off in the distance,a fire truck driving by, you may feel the right toe (somewhere you never thought about before) or whether your right arm sits on your lap at the current time…”

The trick is to keep throwing these at the subject so they are constantly throwing things in and out of their conscious mind, until eventually the mind just shuts down and they go into a hypnotic trance state.

Instant Hypnosis Induction – Appealing to All Senses

The confusion induction described above is an auditory hypnotic induction; the subject responds to vocal confusion and goes into a hypnosis trance. In an hypnosis instant induction you are confusing not only the auditory sense but also visual senses.

In effect, it is easier to get hypnotized than to put up with everything going on at that moment. By combining all these learning styles into one kind of induction it makes it virtually impossible for people to resist getting hypnotized rapidly.

Confusing and Overloading Visually in Instant Hypnosis Inductions

Many hypnotist know that using motion with your free hand closely in front of the hypnosis subject’s face is a sure way to confuse and overload their brain. There are many names for various finger hypnosis techniques that work effectively in Instant hypnosis inductions. Combined with eye fixation and head fixation on your hand this rapid hypnosis technique is almost fail proof.

When the Use of Overload and Confusion in Your Rapid Hypnosis Induction Don’t Work

There are only two situations where these Instant hypnosis inductions don’t work;

  1. If the subject refuses to listen to a single word you say or look at your hand, generally if you are doing this in a public setting and they’ve had too much to drink. This is common in stage shows or bars where rapid hypnosis is used for entertainment purposes.
  2. If the subject did not really want to be hypnotized. The subject could have been coerced or  forced to volunteer for hypnosis by a spouse or a friend.

You can’t hypnotize somebody against their will. That would constitute covert hypnosis, although there are times you could slip into hypnosis without your knowledge.

As you have read instant hypnosis induction using confusion and overload will get the job done quickly.

Another Example of Confusion in Instant Hypnosis Trance Induction

In the following text you can see Milton Erickson, founder of Ericksonian Hypnosis describe a confusion induction on two women volunteers at a doctors conference (As told to the Ernest L. Rossi in 1976).

“E: I began by telling them that they really didn’t know anything about me but I had at least an average education; I’d gone to grade school; I’d lectured to doctors; I had learned to count, I could count to twenty easily; I could count to twenty by one, by twos, fours, fives, or tens; I could write my name.

I told them a sheer bunch of nonsense along with that important statement about counting to twenty in different ways.

And then I said, “Now, of course, whenever I count to twenty, you can go into a hypnotic trance.”

They just looked at me and I continued with my nonsensical discussion of irrelevant facts about myself. I liked corned beef, I liked golden-eyed trout, etc.

Then I looked at them significantly and said, “I had four boys and four girls—that makes eight. They really come cheaper by the dozen, you know.” With that they both went into a trance. Eight and twelve is twenty.”

It is clear Milton Erickson was a master of instant hypnosis induction by confusion.

In fact all his gibberish talk perceived as nonsense by the women, was deliberate to induce hypnotic trance using confusion and overload.

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Simply Fascinating Indeed!!
Please can I have some website that I can go to, to buy an instant induction script which can be used over the telephone.. like the one used by Derren Brown?


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