The Secret to Instant Hypnosis Using a Mind Machine

by Stephen on March 14, 2011

in Instant Hypnosis Products

Instantly hypnotize yourself without being a hypnotist!

PHOTOSONIX A friend of mine once worked for a hypnosis clinic specializing in helping people to lose weight.

The hypnosis center would hire actors at low wages and train them in one weekend to become hypnotists.  Obviously that doesn’t work very well so they had to come up  with a way for their novice hypnotists with poor skills to hypnotise people.

The solution was to use scripts and arm them with their secret weapon… Photosonix Mind Machine.

Seeing over 300 clients per week, they had to find a way to Instantly hypnotize their clients and make sure they succeeded.

The Photosonix Mind Machine is a combination of special glasses that flash adjustable led lights combined with a sound system that plays binaural beats and special rhythms.

These effectively put you into an instant trance that can help you get to the source of most problems quickly.

Photosonix Mind Machine

Photosonix Mind Machine

So what is The Photosonix Mind Machine  AKA “The Light Machine”

It’s an Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS) device that influences your state of mind using specially designed light and sound stimulation. Also referred to as light/sound or mind machines.

Much like trance tribal dancing around a fire, the combination of binaural beats and flickering lights used in Light and Sound Relaxation put you into a hypnotic trance easily.

Getting people to Use the Light and Sound Machine for Instant Hypnosis Was Easy…

I was curious how they got people to use the mind machine system. My friend gave me the funniest answer – “We just told them to put it on, that it would help them go into trance”.

Keep in mind that when you use the mind machine you have to let yourself go. If you are constantly critically thinking about what is going on, it may not work. So it is important that the user is able to relax. It won’t help to try harder.

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Who should NOT use an AVS system?

Some people put music and you have to be careful because they can go into shock if they are epileptic.

In general, the AVS system is not meant as a medical device and should not be used if you have a medical condition without consulting your physician.

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Bill March 14, 2011 at 4:59 pm

This is the perfect instant hypnosis device. I’ve used it many times, both personally and with clients. The speed at which you can go into a trance is amazing.


Stephen March 14, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Cool, thanks for sharing your success with the Photosonix system


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